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Fiberglass Plus is your one stop fiberglass boat repair shop in Sanford for all kinds of boats and yachts. Whether you need to repair a small hole in the hull or a complete restoration, our boat repair experts will have you out on the area lakes around Orlando and DeLand in no time at all. And if you’re handy around boats, our DIY fiberglass boat repair kit is all you need to repair cracks, blisters or a small hole in the boat like a pro.

How to fix a hole in a fiberglass boat

If a small hole, crack or blister in your fiberglass boat is keeping you docked, it can be repaired easily and inexpensively. Just bring your boat in to our boat repair shop in Sanford, an easy drive from Orlando or DeLand and we will repair it quickly.   You can also make small repairs yourself with our fiberglass repair kit which contains the resin you need to mask and mold a new fiberglass laminate to repair the hole in your boat after you have cut away the damaged material and prepared the surface for repair. You can then apply a gel coat finish to seal the repair and to restore the shiny fiberglass surface.

Fiberglass boat repair cost

The cost of a fiberglass boat repair really depends on the extent of the repair. A small crack or blister in a fiberglass boat could cost anywhere from $110 to $450, depending on the amount of labor and materials required to complete the repair. But this is a relatively small price to pay considering the value of your boat. Plus, it certainly beats having a boat that you can’t use.

A small crack in a fiberglass boat should not be ignored. The weakened material around the damaged surface could eventually begin to expand into a larger and more expensive boat repair, especially if it gets wet. Also, as the damage widens, it could weaken the structural integrity of the boat. And if you plan to sell your boat, a professional boat repair may help you sell it more quickly at a higher price.

Visit our fiberglass boat repair shop in Sanford for all your professional and DIY boating repairs, supplies and restorations. Contact us at (407) 915-6089 for directions from Orlando or DeLand today!

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