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Make Your Scratches and Dents Disappear with Fiberglass Boat Repair in DeLand, FL

Dents and chips in the hull of a fiberglass boat will happen from time to time while out on the waterway and may require our boat repair services in DeLand, FL. The good news is that you can actually fix some minor cracks, scratches, holes and other small damages yourself with our fiberglass boat repair kit. The kit contains the right epoxy, hardener, fiberglass sheets, boatyard resin, and fillers along with illustrated instructions for doing common fiberglass boat repairs.

A do-it-yourself fiberglass repair kit basically provides a simple solution to fixing minor boat damage. Of course, you are always welcome to stop by our boat repair shop that is conveniently located within close proximity to DeLand, Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach for a free estimate. We repair everything from minor scratches to complete restoration.

Here is how to use a fiberglass repair kit:

Step 1; Before you start the process of patching the crack or hole, you need to clean the area that needs repair. Make sure there aren't any contaminants such as dust, silicone sprays, or waxes.

Step 2; After cleaning, you can sand the area in and around the dent or crack, so as to give the gelcoat a rough area for better adhesion. Remove any dust or debris from the repair area, and then blot it clean using acetone. Allow the area to dry completely, and fill the dents/holes with the gelcoat.

Step 3; Mix the boatyard resin and the hardener, and follow the instructions that came with your fiberglass repair kit. Allow the mixture to cure thoroughly. Once it's ready, apply the 1st coat of resin. Use a foam roller to spread it evenly.

Step 4; Cut a fiberglass cloth (about an inch wider than the hole). You'll need to cut multiple layers depending on the depth of the crack or hole. Attach the fiberglass cloth into the hull using tape.

Step 5; You can now apply a colored polyester boatyard resin from your fiberglass repair kit. You can also purchase extra sheets of fiberglass at our boat repair shop. Apply each of the cut fiberglass layers to the hole while wetting the layers using the resin. You can use a foam roller to hold it in place. Spread more resin over the layer of fiberglass, and then add another layer of fiberglass on top of that and spread resin. You should repeat this process until you have added all the fiberglass layers.

Step 6; Give the final resin coat time to completely dry, and then sand your hull. You can also apply a protective agent like paint, polish, or a boat hull finish. Remember to apply the protective agent as per the package directions.

For expert boat repair in DeLand, FL, contact us at 407-915-6089 for hours and directions.

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