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Where to Find Fiberglass Resin for Surfboard and Boat Repairs in Orlando, FL

Fiberglass Plus carries a variety of fiberglass resin for surfboard and boat repairs and restoration in Orlando, FL. Our central location in Sanford is convenient for residents in DeLand and throughout Orange, Seminole and Volusia counties. Our Fiberglass and boat yard resins are among the most widely used resins in the marine industry for repairing and restoration of fiberglass boats. They are inexpensive and offer corrosion resistance.

Boatyard Resin, which is a non-sagging and non-running marine repair resin, is a perfect sealer for all boat surfaces. It has the added ability to resist impact and protect against corrosion. And it can be used to repair, resurface and restore speedboats, sailboats, and houseboats, among others. You can also use it on a variety of materials including soft woods, fiberglass, and metal. Plus it is very handy for repairing tanks, decks, cabins, and the hull.

We also carry Vinylester Resin which has a molecular structure similar to other types of polyester resin. But Vinylester contains the entire length of the molecular chain which gives it the ability to absorb shock. And this means it is more resilient and tougher than other polyester resins. The vinylester resin also has a higher resistance to corrosive chemicals and environments; thus, it’s mostly used to repair corrosion-resistant tanks and pipes, among other components. You can also blend polyester with vinylester resin and use the compound to manufacture an efficient water-resistant barrier, ideal for boat hulls and other marine parts.

Our surfboard resin is a popular compound for building, repairing and restoring surfboards. It is a water clear, UV stabilized, and impact resistant polyester resin that can be used on a variety of materials including foam. This makes it ideal in the manufacture and repair of surfboards. Not only is surfboard resin impact resistant, it also resists cracking when flexed.  Since today’s surfboards are somewhat fragile at the core, they need a protective shell that can protect them against the adverse physical abuse of surfing. Therefore, to achieve a sturdy performance, a resin is blended with a fiberglass. And the result is a strong surfboard that can overcome the harsh physical abuse associated with surfing the ocean waves.

To browse our selection of fiberglass resin in Orlando, FL, contact us at (407) 915-6089 today for hours and directions to our store.

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